Internet of Things

How will you find it when one day your refrigerator will tell you or message you about the shortage of the stuff that is kept in it? Or your bathroom cabinet will let you know when it is running low on soap, conditioners and other stuff. It seems to be strange but yes!! this is possible in today’s world.

In 2014, A Consumer Electronic show was organised in Las Vegas, where web connected products with smart phone apps were presented. It was a new concept in the market as nothing has been innovated like this before. This all was based on Internet of Things.

Internet of Things is a network of physical objects or things. It is convergence of conventional connected devices and smart appliances.

In 1999, Kevin Ashton coined the term Internet of Things. But unfortunately this term didn’t take off until 2009, when an article in RFID journal was published. And now this has become a new trend in the market.

Internet of Things is the mechanism or the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human to human or human to computer interaction. Things with electronics software and connectivity enable objects to exchange data with the manufacturer or operator or any another connected device.

Internet of Things is the coordination among Multiple devices. Devices that can sense aspects of the real world like temperature, lightening, presence or absence of people or object etc.

Example of Internet of Things

Nowadays, there are many examples that are using Internet of Things as one of there most important entity in terms of technology.

Smart Houses, Cities, Refrigerators, Closets, Bathroom Cabinets etc. not only these there are many other fields where where IOT is used. In medical where the monitoring of patient becomes easier by using this concept.


Benefits of IOT

  • It is reliable, elastic and agile platform.
  • Real time analytic’s can be done with this.
  • There are less chances of latency.

As there are benefits of IOT, similarly there are some challenging task for this technology.

Challenges to Achieve IOT Potential

  • Privacy and Security is the major issue in order to achieve the best IOT potential.
  • Cost and Usability can also be considered as a challenge.
  • Network and Capacity constraints are also there.

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