Surface Computing

The traditional way of interacting with the computer is with the mouse and keyboard or with any other input and output device. But now this tradition has been changed. Instead of using these we can use the surface any where and at any time.

A truly interactive technology which enables a two way conversation between machines and users rather than simply interacting with the commands is Surface Computing. It is the next step in interacting with the machines, devices etc.

For more intuitive and efficient mode of input this revolutionary world has given a term as Surface Computing. It can be called as the expanded version of touch screen.

Touch Screens allows the user to access the content without the use of any keyboard or mouse and now this has been expanded as Surface Computing. Surface Computing can be defined as follows-

Grabbing the digital Information and interacting with the digital world by the help of gestures and touches is Surface Computing.

This Technology supports various features. One of them is Multi-Touch. The following image could describe it more-

Multi-Touch Interaction is the way to interact with the system with multiple dozen points of contacts.There are various other features of this technology, One of them is that there is recognition of the physical objects by the usage of the various tags. These  tags are just like the bar codes. And after identification of objects. There is triggering of the different responses.

The Surface which we are using in this technology could be any thing. It could be dinning table, or and office table etc. There are various applications of this technology.


  • Gaming could be said as one of its application. It could be possible that while brushing your teeth in front of the bathroom mirror you can play clash of clans or any other game you want.
  • It could be used in hotels, restaurants to display the menu and placing the orders.
  • It can be used in research and for commercial use also.


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