Google Deepmind’s- AlphaGo

After a long time I am back with a new topic…

Google Deepminds a British artificial company has developed a computer program in London named as AlphaGo. This computer program is designed to play board games.The game of Go have been viewed as the most difficult and challenging classic game for artificial intelligence. The difficulty starts in choosing the moves and positions.

It became the first computer program that has defeated a professional Go player Lee Sedol in the first three games out of five.

Machine learning and Tree search techniques are used as a combination for the algorithm of this program.This game Go is considered as one of the difficult game for computers to win because it has very large branching factor. Branching factor is the number of children each node has, or it can be called as the out degree. 

AlphaGo is the significant improved version of a program that could beat a professional player without handicaps. Earlier, DeepBlue of IBM the strongest program could only beat the player up-to 5-dan levels. Zen beat a player 2 times out of 5 but with 4 handicaps. Crazy Stone defeat the player by using 4 stones handicap. And now, AlphaGo could beat a professional player without using handicap.


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