Smart Soofa

Now a days smart working is not just for humans but now machines, gadgets these all are now designed to work smartly. The term SMART not just means a niftier appearance but now it demands Quick-Witted Intelligence.

As new steps are taken for technological encroachment. Similarly different inventions are happening in making the cities as “Smart Cities”. There is no exact definition of Smart City but there are some steps that could be followed to make cities as Smart. We could define Smart Cities as-

Smart Cities is an integration of Communication, Technology and Information to provide better living with comfort, economically feasible, smart environment, mobility, healthcare, resources etc.

Related to this there is a new emerging concept known as- Soofa. Soofa is solar power seat that posses the capability to collect the data from its environment and also features the charging of mobile phones.

It was launched in Boston and now it has been accepted by 8 different states. Soofa could also be described as follows-

A Smart Bench that has the capability to collect the environmental data and also offers solar power charging for phones.


Smart Benches with Multiple Facilities

This project was at MIT Media Labs in 2013 and in 2014 it was expanded.The initiators of this project were graduates from Harvard Graduate School of Design. Sandra Richter, Nan Zhao and Jutta Friedrichs were the people who changed the definition of normal siting sofa and make it as “Smart Soofa”. Initially only two prototypes were installed but in 2014 the count raise to 6-10. These founders are now working at Media Lab spinoff Changing Environments.

As Sustainability is the major issue these days therefore this “Smart Solar Bench- Soofa” offers two USB ports with Solar panel.

This multi-functional street furniture was initiated because Green, Smart and Sustainability are the main terms that are the basis of any new invention these days.

Smart Soofa

This research project was headed by two groups at MIT Media Labs, One was Principle Research Scientist Ket Larson and Professor Joseph Paradiso.


This blend of modern and traditional appearance to fit in anywhere is designed with sensors to collect the air quality and also the seats are seat-e’s solar panel. These seat-e’s allow people to sit and charge there phones. There is “Social Light” that interacts with the user and shifts its color based on the use of seat.


Design of Smart Soofa



Future Soofa seats will be designed to measure smoke, exhaust and odor and also it will include some interactive features that will allow its users to get connected with there surroundings, trivia, upcoming events etc.


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