As we all are familiar with the traditional way of transferring and accessing the data from one computer to another through Flash Drives…Imagine now you can access, share, edit all the media files between two computers that are connected through internet anywhere in this world…it is quiet amazing right..!!

iTwin is USB device for sharing of files, remotely accessing any device anywhere, anytime in the world.

A cable with two ends and without end cable…

iTwin device

Clouds also provides us the facility of accessing and sharing our data anywhere, anytime in the world but it could be possible that some security issues may arrive if the password and id of our account is hacked or stolen by some one…And another customary style of accessing and sharing the data is through FLASH DRIVES….Yes but what if you lost your drive somewhere and it was containing some confidential information given by your boss…Now I would say you should start searching a place where you can hide yourself from your boss…:)

This revolutionary notion came into the brain of an Indian Lux Anantharaman, a graduate from IIT Madras and IISc Bangalore, a researcher, inventor, CEO and CTO at iTwin Pte ltd.

Logo of iTwin

As till now iTwin is sounding quiet similar to let me tell you the actual difference between two…

In case of Cloud we have limited storage. It might be possible that some security issues may occur if our credentials are not in proper hold…while, in the case of iTwin there is only just one concept Plug and Play…Yes..!! literally you just need to connect the device with any two computers anywhere in this world  connected via internet and the game begins….

There is no limited storage as you can share and access according to your need, no installation work and for security it thoroughly analyze cryptography protocols and algorithms as AES 256- bit encryption. There are more than these features…we will see them later on…Firstly, we will see how to use this iTwin..

HOW TO USE iTwin ??

  • Connect the iTwin with your computer.
Process of using iTwin
  • A regular pop-up will be generated( just like when you insert your flash drive).
  • Now drag and drop all the files you want to share(no limit on the number..!!).
  • Now leave your computer. (only one half should be connected). The other you may take it with you.
iTwin Design

Now from anywhere in the world, you can remotely access your shared data by simply carrying the half iTwin with you anytime…!!

It also gives you the facility to edit the shared files remotely.


  • It mainly contribute to the randomness for better security by generating a smart key. There is generation of 256-bit AES key every time whenever iTwin is plugged and paired with your system.
Features of iTwin
  • There is no temp file concept.
  • There is password support that is not stored on any server, it is always with you with your iTwin.
  • You can do editing, accessing, copying in both the computers or systems at the same time.

There are certain limits of iTwin …but they will not effect the benefits of this. These are-


  • Hard drive space it should be at least 15 MB and requires minimum of 1 GB or 512 MB RAM.
  • The faster the connection of your internet the better experience you will get by using the iTwin.




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