Green Computing

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Green Computing


In this 21st century technological encroachment has reached to another level. For faster computation and better results computers and other electronic equipment’s are the need of every arena. To develop such tools that makes work easier and faster is a challenge for the IT industry. On the contrary, energy shortage and global climate changes are the key issues which are being tackled by the IT industry. Manufacturing and Designing of technical equipment’s is easier rather than the designing and manufacturing of such products which are energy efficient and gives effective output.

Green computing focus on developing a healthy relation between humans and the nature without decreasing the rate of new creations and deterioration of the resources. 

or we can say….

Green computing is the study of developing such paraphernalia’s that are Eco-friendly as well as which results better outputs. 

As there is technological progress in every field so this is liable for more efficient throughput but, on the other hand, it is responsible for more resource consumption which results growth in power exploitation.

We know that a simple computer which are being used almost by everyone in the world requires a power for its operations and produces heat. This generation of heat requires some cooling mechanism, to provide the cooling mechanism it also need some power.

We all are familiar with this fact that generation of heat adversely affect the environment but still we are not putting forward our steps to this challenge. We identify that a single search on a search engine is responsible for the wastage of 1 kJ energy which is a major challenge for IT industry.

The sum of emission of co2 (carbon dioxide) which was induced by any activity in a given time frame it is defined as carbon footprint. This factor is responsible for the inevitability of green computing. Green computing deals with these different issues and make an effort to bring a drastic change in the pattern which are being followed by the IT industry for many years.

According to the experts, there is consumption of 1.8 tons of chemicals, fossil fuels to develop a computer and in this era around billions of computers has been sold. It has been observed that 18 percent of the computers are never turned off in United Kingdom. Computers and other electronic devices make two-fifth of the earth’s landfill.

A simple laptop contains normally 4 to 8 pounds of lead. not only hardware’s but  software’s are also contributing to this immense problem as there is emission of 33 terawatt hours energy is used in Spam annually it is one such example.

These all results in excessive deterioration of the resources and harm the environment. We can say that Comforts leads to imperceptible consequences and after effect on environment. We can’t avoid to use such devices but we could develop, manage such technology that will support us to synchronize with the environment.


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